Here at SMITH, we treat litigation as a means to resolve disputes by identifying the distinct attributes and objectives of each representation. When you hire SMITH, you’re bringing in fighters to efficiently, effectively and aggressively pursue a comprehensive strategy in your interest.

As skilled advocates of the law, we recognize the importance of gaining a thorough understanding of your individual needs. Given the nature of our approach, it is essential to devise a battle plan early on to ensure each step along the way is taken with purpose.

We tailor our services on a case-by-case basis through independent analysis and evaluation of your unique goals. Coupled with our unparalleled dedication to innovation, we are able to maximize the value of each undertaking along the way.


SMITH recognizes that clients often face legal problems that could most effectively be resolved through pragmatic and resourceful solutions in lieu of more conventional methods. By offering creative and inspired thinking in the form of consulting, our attorneys operate as a system of checks and balance in high-stakes, high-pressure business dealings.


SMITH approaches litigation with inventiveness and an unabashed determination to achieve its clients' objectives. SMITH does not simply go through the motions when handling litigation matters nor does it approach day-to- day decisions as if it is completing a checklist. For SMITH, litigation, and the many procedures available to litigants, are tools for resolving clients problems.

Because every representation is unique, the Firm hand-crafts its strategic vision for each new matter, which may change based on developments on the ground. Litigation is dynamic, not static. By rejecting a formulaic approach to its cases, the Firm proactively evaluates each task on a case-by- case basis to ensure that it is purposeful. We believe a lawyer’s role should be to truly understand the client’s goals and make thoughtful, deliberate decisions throughout representation.


Don't hit at all if you can help it; don't hit a man if you can possibly avoid it; but if you do hit him, put him to sleep.

Theodore Roosevelt

The essential qualities of an effective trial advocate, such as instinct, confidence, and courtroom presence, are not acquired by way of fine literature or the occasional stand-up opportunity. Rather, the art of trial advocacy is mastered through consistent, real-world trial experience. Albeit unwelcome, when it happens, trial must be done right.

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