SMITH is uniquely designed to litigate complex high-stakes cases effectively with very short notice and quick turnaround.

SMITH handles major civil, regulatory, and select criminal matters in a range of areas — including litigation and consulting involving business disputes, products liability, securities, trust and estates, bankruptcy contests and adversary proceedings, civil RICO, trade secrets, trademark and restrictive covenants, intellectual property, antitrust, and white-collar criminal defense. The Firm is uniquely qualified to thrive in high-pressure, high-profile litigation at any stage.


SMITH strategically integrates and positions trial practice with an eye towards state and federal appeals in an efficient and practical manner.

The SMITH team has represented clients in complex federal and state appeals before the U.S. Courts of Appeals for the Fourth, Fifth, and Eleventh Circuits as well as various state courts of appeals.


As a trusted business advisor, SMITH provides outside general counsel services for pre-litigation and litigation risk assessment, contract negotiation and review, business strategy guidance, and business disputes.

Solutions ahead of litigation are critical. SMITH is hired early on as a system of checks and balances for high-stakes business dealings. The Firm offers these services primarily to prominent business leaders, major entertainers and athletes, healthcare practitioners, real estate firms, hedge funds, startups, and corporate general counsel teams in public and privately held corporations.


As a legal consultant, SMITH is able to offer fresh perspectives, high-level critical thinking, and targeted strategies to support existing trial teams and corporate legal departments.

SMITH works internally with trial teams and businesses alongside other primary counsel and law firms to manage litigation strategy, develop new themes to resolve ongoing legal and business disputes, lead risk assessment on substantial negotiations, and contractually review professional documents as a different pair of eyes to minimize risk. Hiring a consultant to work with your team of attorneys is weaponizing a second opinion to gain the most favorable outcome where there’s no room for mistakes and the stakes are high.

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