Back in 2008, when the market crashed, I had finally diversified my Coca-Cola portfolio then worth between 1.7 and 2 million. I had waited much longer than recommended to diversify because of my loyalty to The Coca-Cola Co. where I had spent 29 years happily employed.

The fellow I went with for my diversification mishandled my investments and I found myself lost with what to do.  My portfolio went to about $700,000 or $800,000. I was depressed and lost. A financial broker friend at the time that knew of my problem suggested I seek legal counsel. I searched everywhere and attended meetings, but was very discouraged with all the lawyers I met or spoke with.

Just when I was about to give up my efforts, I ran into a neighbor lawyer, and after explaining my situation, she recommended I contact a friend of hers that she had worked with. John had recently left the firm my neighbor worked for and had opened his own firm.  I called John who quickly met with me and spent at least two and a half hours with me at no charge just to get a feel for my case. I remember feeling like I had met my guardian angel after that meeting and that’s exactly who John was.

John worked very hard with me and won the case. We recovered some of the loss and brought happiness back to my life and retirement. John is one of those people that has matched perfectly his career with his vocation. You will never meet a more dedicated, enthusiastic, smart, intelligent, focused, caring and honest professional lawyer. I love John.

Former Client, Retired Business Executive and CEO of Produce Corporation

During 2015, attorney John Da Grosa Smith from the law firm of SMITH LLC in Atlanta engaged me as a Consultant and testifying Expert Witness for a securities and investment-related case. In my opinion, John was a strong advocate for his client with a thorough understanding of his client’s situation and the facts and issues in the case. I believe the client felt attorney John Smith heard and understood him and his case.

Former Client, Arbitrator, Mediator Consultant and Testifying Expert at Consulting and Expert Witness Testimony for Securities and Investment-Related Cases

During the first 30 years in my own business, my experience with attorneys was very limited. The only dealings I had with attorneys consisted of minor things, proper business licenses, adding or subtracting a paragraph in a contract, etc. That all changed in 2015.

I can’t get into all of the details (it would take too long), but a business deal went terribly wrong. My company purchased and paid for equipment that was never completely finished and did not perform properly.

I did not know who to call. I didn’t know anyone in the Atlanta area. I called several attorneys in the Atlanta area and they all sounded the same over the phone. That is, they all sounded the same until I spoke with John Da Grosa Smith. John was so upbeat and positive that I knew I had found my attorney.

My industry is not widely known, but John and Kristina Jones did a fantastic job of putting together a case that you would think they worked in my industry. We ended up with a great outcome and I can’t thank them enough.

I’ll tell you one thing. I’d hate to be the opposition walking into a room against the Smith team.

Client, Owner and President of Industry-Leading Resistance Welding Company

Taking legal action against someone is not to be taken lightly. It’s a serious and scary thing that could affect your friends, family, and career. Having never been through a legal problem, John Da Grosa Smith walked me through the process. He handled my case with the utmost urgency and also took the time to educate me about how the legal world works. John would take extra time out of his schedule to file motions, write letters and keep me abreast of the latest developments. He was consistently going above and beyond for me and my case. When I asked him why he put so much effort into my little case (a simple traffic accident), his reply was, “I am your attorney. You hired me. It is my obligation, also my burden, to see your case handled correctly and in your best interest. If I have to do a little extra to see your case handled correctly, I’m happy to do it.” John is one of the most intelligent, sharpest people I have ever met. Combine that with his tenacious, never quit, winning attitude makes him the ultimate attorney at law. I learned a lot about the big, scary legal world from John. But the most significant thing I learned was that John Da Grosa Smith can handle any problem I might have and that makes the legal world a little less scary.

Former client, Airline Captain

Our corporate investigations firm has recommended John Smith and his legal team at SMITH LLC to numerous clients and those clients have, without exception, thanked us for it. Smith is responsive, thorough, and aggressive. He’ll advocate for you in a way that makes sense to you. He’ll put you on the most direct path to the best resolution of your legal issues.

CEO of Atlanta-based Investigations and Security Consulting firm

We have found John and his team not only to be hard-working and extremely effective, but also the ethical antithesis of much of the legal industry.

We cannot give a higher salute to this group.

Client, CEO of Land Development Company

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